We set out to
redefine better.

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Proudly made in Lincoln, Nebraska by real pet parents

It all started with our raw diets. And since day one, our raw foods have been crafted by our team in Lincoln, Nebraska. Made in small batches in our company-owned facilities, our raw foods are minimally processed and held to the highest quality standards.

Our responsibility as the raw brand.


It all started with our raw pet food. Since the beginning, we've led with raw because we know the good it can do. We're rewriting the rules of pet food and championing raw nutrition to bring its superior benefits to all that we do.


Delicious and nutritious pet food should only use real ingredients. To us this means all natural real meat, fruits and vegetables, with nothing artificial.


We think feeding raw should be simple and fit into our – and your – everyday habits more easily. We exist because we believe raw should be accessible to everyone so every pet can experience the benefits of raw nutrition.


Instinct believes in the power of raw nutrition. It only makes sense to share it. Together with local shelters and volunteer efforts nationwide we're on a mission to transform the lives of all pets.


We’ve never been afraid to challenge the status-quo of pet nutrition. We’ve accepted the open-ended challenge to continuously redefine what better means – always pushing our standards and nutrition to raise the bar in pet food.

We are people with purpose.

We are a company of pet lovers. Whether we bring our pets to work or volunteer in our local community we work with a purpose. In all that we do, we're on a mission to transform the lives of pets. And to lead a movement toward better health.

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